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US Breaker Telemecanique Replacements - LC1 Contactors, GV2 Starters & LR2 Overload Relays


UL508 & IEC/CE

Motor Starter Protector

0.1A - 25A

NC1-D (LC1-D) Contactor

UL508 & IEC/CE

AC Contactor

9A - 90A

F-NC2 (LC1-F) Contactor
UL508 & IEC/CE

AC Contactor

115A - 265A

LR-NR2 (LR2-D) Relay

Overload Relays

1A - 200A





GV NS2: Replacement for Telemecanique: GV2-M01, GV2-M02, GV2-M03, GV2-M04, GV2-M05, GV2-M06, GV2-M07, GV2-M08, GV2-M10, GV2-M14, GV2-M16, GV2-M20, GV2-M21, GV2-M22

NC1D Replacement for Telemecanique Contactors: LC1D0910, LC1D1210, LC1D1810,

LC1D2510, LC1D3210, LC1D4011, LC1D5011, LC1D6511, LC1D8011, LC1D9511,


F NC2 Replacement for Telemecanique Contactors: LC1F115, LC1F150, LC1F185, LC1F265


LR NR2 Replacement for Telemecanique Overload Relays: LR2D1307, LR2D1308, LR2D1310, LR2D1312, LR2D1314, LR2D1316, LR2D1321, LR2D1322, LR2D2353, LR2D3353, LR2D3355LR2D3357LR2D3359LR2D3361LR2D3363


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