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Telemecanique LR2D3353 or LRD3353 Overload Relay Replacement by US Breaker LR 93 A32

Part #: LR-93-A32

Desc. : LR-93-A32 UL Overload Relay 23-32A for NC1D-40-50-65-85-95 (Replaces Telemecanique LR2-D33-53)

UL Listed Aftermarket Replacement for: (Not Applicable) GE LR-93-A32 Original

LR-93-A32 UL Overload Relay 23-32A for NC1D-40-50-65-85-95 (Replaces Telemecanique LR2-D33-53)

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    Code: LR-93-A32
    Price: $31.13
    Shipping Weight: 1.50 pounds
    Availability: Stock
    Catalog Section: LR-93-A32 to Replace Telemecanique LR2-D33-53 (LR2D3353) Overload Relay

    Catalog Section: Contactors for use with Telemecanique LR2-D33 Overload Relay

    "US Breaker LR(Overload) Family"

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    LR-D33 LR-D33 Base or DIN Rail Mount for the LR-93 Overload Relay (Replaces Telemecanique LA7D3064) $11.00
    NC1D4011-V120 UL Contactor 40A 3P+1NO/1NC 120Vac Cntrl (Replaces Telemecanique LC1D4011-G6 or LC1-D40-11-120V) $41.88
    NC1D4011-V240 UL Contactor 40A 3P+1NO/1NC 240Vac Cntrl (Replaces Telemecanique LC1D4011-U6 or LC1-D40-11-240V) $41.88
    NC1D4011-V24 UL Contactor 40A 3P+1NO/1NC 24Vac Cntrl (Replaces Telemecanique LC1D4011-B7 or LC1-D40-10-24V) $41.88
    NC1D6511-V120 UL Contactor 65A 3P+1NO/1NC 120Vac Cntrl (Replaces Telemecanique LC1D6511-G6 or LC1-D65-11-120V) $59.96
    NC1D6511-V240 UL Contactor 65A 3P+1NO/1NC 240Vac Cntrl (Replaces Telemecanique LC1D6511-U6 or LC1-D65-11-240V) $59.96
    NC1D6511-V24 UL Contactor 65A 3P+1NO/1NC 24Vac Cntrl (Replaces Telemecanique LC1D6511-B7 or LC1-D65-11-24V) $59.96
    NC1D8011-V240 UL Contactor 80A 3P+1NO/1NC 240Vac Cntrl NC1D8011 U6 Coil $68.49
    NC1D8011-V24 UL Contactor 80A 3P+1NO/1NC 24Vac Control NC1D8011 B7 Coil $68.49
    NC1D8011-V120 UL Contactor 80A 3P+1NO/1NC Aux 120Vac Control NC1D8011 G6 Coil $68.49
    NC1D9511-V120 UL Contactor 95A 3P+1NO/1NC 120Vac Cntrl (Replaces Telemecanique LC1D8011-G6 or LC1-D80-11-120V) $78.88
    NC1D9511-V240 UL Contactor 95A 3P+1NO/1NC 240Vac Cntrl (Replaces Telemecanique LC1D8011-U6 or LC1-D80-11-240V) $78.88
    NC1D9511-V24 UL Contactor 95A 3P+1NO/1NC 24Vac Cntrl (Replaces Telemecanique LC1D8011-B7 or LC1-D80-10-24Vac) $78.88

    Telemecanique LR2D3353 LR2 Overload Relay Replacement by US Breaker

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