New UL Listed Breakers & Controls with Personal Support at Amazing Prices (replace Telemecanique/ Square D/ Eaton)

  • New Original Circuit Breaker
  • GE Circuit Breaker
  • Cutler Hammer Circuit Breaker
  • Siemens ITE Circuit Breaker
  • Square D Circuit Breaker
  • US Breaker UL489 Breaker
  • Controls Direct Replacements
  • Telemecanique Contactor LC1 D
  • Telemecanique Contactor LC1 F
  • Telemecanique LR2 Overload Relay
  • Telemecanique GV2 Starter
  • Telemecanique XB2/ZB2 Operators
  • Breaker Direct Replacements
  • Merlin Gerin Multi-9 C60N Breaker
  • Square D Powerpact Circuit Breaker
  • Merlin Gerin Compact NS Breaker
  • Square D C60 M9F UL489 DIN MCB
  • Eaton FAZ/ Allen Bradley 1489-M MCB
  • Controls Cross References
  • Allen-Bradley/ Eaton/ GE Contactor
  • Telemecanique/ Siemens Contactor
  • Sprecher Schuh/ GE Contactor
  • Definite Purpose Contactor
  • Allen Bradley 140M Motor Starter

  • Circuit Breakers  

      Motor Controls
    US Breaker 15-600A
    (Square D PowerPact & Merlin Gerin Equal)
        Contactors 9-95A
    (Telemecanique LC1-D Replacements)
    DIN Rail MCB UL489 (Square D M9F & Eaton FAZ Equal)     Contactors 115-400A
    (Telemecanique LC1-F Replacements)
    Din Rail MCB UL1077
    (Merlin Gerin Mult-9 C60N Replacements)
        Overload Relays
    (Telemecanique LR2-D Replacements)
    Square D
    (New OEM Original)
        Mortor starter - MSP
    (Telemecanique GV2 Replacements)
      General Electric
    (New OEM Original)
              DP Contactors
        Cutler Hammer
    (New OEM Original)
          Pilot Devices

    Individual Product Datasheets

  • LC1D0910 (LC1 D09 10)
  • LC1D0901 (LC1 D09 01)
  • LC1D1210 (LC1 D12 10)
  • LC1D1201 (LC1 D12 01)
  • LC1D1810 (LC1 D18 10)
  • LC1D1801 (LC1 D18 01)
  • LC1D2510 (LC1 D25 10)
  • LC1D2501 (LC1 D25 01)
  • LC1D3210 (LC1 D32 10)
  • LC1D3201 (LC1 D32 01)
  • LC1D4011 (LC1 D40 11)
  • LC1D5011 (LC1 D50 11)
  • LC1D6511 (LC1 D65 11)
  • LC1D8011 (LC1 D80 11)
  • LC1D12004 (LC1 D12004)
  • LC1D12008 (LC1 D12008)
  • LC1D25004 (LC1 D25004)
  • LC1D25008 (LC1 D25008)
  • LC1D65004 (LC1 D65004)
  • LC1D65008 (LC1 D65008)
  • LC1D80004 (LC1 D80008)
  • LC1 F115 (LC1F115)
  • LC1 F150 (LC1F150)
  • LC1 F185 (LC1F185)
  • LC1 F265 (LC1F265
  • GV2-M01 (GV2M01)
  • GV2-M02 (GV2M02)
  • GV2-M03 (GV2M03)
  • GV2-M04 (GV2M04)
  • GV2-M05 (GV2M05)
  • GV2-M06 (GV2M06)
  • GV2-M07 (GV2M07)
  • GV2-M08 (GV2M08)
  • GV2-M10 (GV2M10)
  • GV2-M14 (GV2M14)
  • GV2-M16 (GV2M16)
  • GV2-M20 (GV2M20)
  • GV2-M21 (GV2M21)
  • GV2-M22 (GV2M22)

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